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Congratulations on the successful convening of thekick-off meeting of the high salt crystallization project in Yulin, Shenhua.—SUNPOWER EPC project

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On April 18, the "Shenhua Yulin Circular Economy Coal Comprehensive Utilization Project (Phase I Project) High Salt Crystallization Device Design, Purchasing and Construction General Contracting (EPC) Project" undertaken by Jiangsu SUNPOWER was held in the multi-functional hall of the headquarters of SUNPOWER Group.

Mr. Zhang Zhaokong, Deputy General Manager of Shenhua Engineering Technology Co., Ltd., SYCTC-1 Project Director of Shenhua Yulin, Mr. Wang Jin, Manager of Project Management and Deputy Director of Project Implementation of Shenhua Engineering Technology Co., Ltd., Mr. Wang Junguang, Manager of Project of Shenhua Yulin Energy and Chemical Co., Ltd., and Deputy Director of Motor Engineering Department. Mr. Liu Wei, deputy manager and production representative of operation department, Mr. Gu Xin, project manager of public project group of Shenhua Yulin SYCTC-1 project and managers and engineering of relevant departments of Shenhua Yulin SYCTC-1 project attended the meeting. Mr. Guo Hongxin, Chairman of SUNPOWER Group, Yuan Ziwei, Chairman of SUNPOWER Technology, Mr. Zhang Mian, General Manager, Assistant General Manager Zhang Baochao, Senior Technical Adviser Wang Yonghua, General Manager Yuan Wenbing, General Manager of Water Services Department, Professional Leaders of High Salt Crystallization EPC Project Design and Related Personnel attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Lu Jianming, Vice General Manager of SUNPOWER High Tech.

At the meeting, Mr. Guo reviewed the history and successful cooperation between Shenhua and SUNPOWER, thanked Shenhua Group for its trust and support, and promised that Shenhua Yulin High Salt Crystallization EPC General Contracting Project would be completed with all efforts. Mr. Wang Jin, manager of project management department and deputy director of project execution of Shenhua Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. introduced the overall progress plan of Shenhua Yulin SYCTC-1 project and the current progress of each device. Mr. Zhang Baochao, assistant general manager of Zhongsheng Polytechnic and EPC project manager of high salt crystallization, reported on the current preparations for the start of the project, and made a special report on the specific implementation plan of the project. Mr. Zhang Zhaokong, deputy general manager of Shenhua Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. and project director of SYCTC-1 in Shenhua Yulin, spoke highly of the preparation work of SUNPOWER, especially focusing on the major issues of safety, quality and environmental protection of the project.

The successful convening of the meeting marks the formal start of another large demonstration project in the field of salty wastewater resource utilization in China, which will play an important role in promoting the business development of SUNPOWER Water Treatment Project.

The construction scale of Shenhua Yulin Coal Comprehensive Utilization Project (Phase I Project) is 1.8 million tons methanol /year. The project mainly includes process equipment, public industry and auxiliary facilities, out-of-plant projects, production management and administrative living facilities. The sewage treatment plant includes three sets of devices, covering biochemical treatment unit of salt-containing sewage, membrane desalination unit of salt-containing wastewater and crystallization unit of high salt water. The design scale of high salt crystallizer is 450 m3/h, which includes two parts: pretreatment unit and evaporative crystallization unit. The product water of the unit is reused in the circulating water system as supplementary water, and the high quality sodium sulfate and sodium chloride crystalline salts separated are utilized for resource utilization.