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Successful Completion of Jiangsu Dongsheng 5MW PV Project

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Jiangsu Dongsheng 5MW roof distribution PV power station has successfully generated power to the power grid dated on Oct 31st, 2015. This project is handled by Jiangsu Sunpower Technology Co., Ltd. which has 4 roofs and 1 PV demonstration area. Totally 40,000m2 roof has been used.
During construction period, Mr. Yuan Ziwei (GM of Jiangsu Sunpower Technology) led the management team to jobsite for instruction and sympathy. He required the project team to positively cooperate with client, catch up the project schedule and quality to ensure the successful completion of this PV project.
The project was constructed in July and August which was the hottest season in this year. The roof material is color steel tile which can easily reflect the solar radiation. When constructed at daytime, the maximum temperature on the roof was larger than 50 degree. Under this situation, the construction was very difficult and also the potential safety risk would be seriously enhanced. Based on the reasonable arrangement of project manager, the construction time adjusted from daytime to early morning and nightfall to avoid the high temperature period. So that the project has been successfully proceeded and completed on time.
During the project execution, there were a lot of issues such as support materials, large cable conduit, monitor system, combiner box and so on. Via the unremitting effort and positive coordination of project management team, all the issues had been solved to ensure the successful completion of this project. Till Oct 31st, 2015 Jiangsu Dongsheng PV power station has generated power to the power grid. Client can use the power for themselves which can save more than CNY20,000 per day.