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Successful Completion of SHELL Audit

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From November 4th to 11th, 2015, technical audit team from international energy leader ---- Shell Group has visited Sunpower for flare system audit work. The audit team members are 6 staffs from Netherland, Venezuela, India and China office. The team leader is Mr. Wim.j.h.Verstijnen who has worked for Shell more than 30 years. The other Shell staffs are flare and structure specialists. Mr. Frank Ma (VP of Sunpower), Mr. Shen Qiang (VGM of Sunpower), Mr. Li Feng (GM of Sunpower Equipment Company), Mr. Yuan Ziwei (GM of Sunpower Engineering Company) and Mrs. Guo Jing (VGM of Sunpower Engineering Company) have received the audit team.
Audit team have evaluated the Engineering Company for the audit items such as management review, quality system, internal/external audit, prevention/correction action, contract review, flare system engineering, procurement procedure, sub-supplier management and so on. As the main equipment supplier of flare system, Equipment Company has also been audited. The audit items include HSSE, warehouse management, materials receiving, materials tracing, welding materials management, physical/chemical test, procedure documents management, plant maintenance etc.
Shell audit team gave the sufficient acceptance on HSSE, flare system engineering, materials receiving/inspection, flare system equipment fabrication and information management. At the same time Shell audit team also point out the further requirements for flare system validation experiment. At the close-out meeting, Mr. Wim.j.h.Verstijnen and Mr. Yuan Ziwei signed the technical audit report together which stands for the successful completion of Shell audit work.