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Successful Handover of ZLD Unit for Sinopec Great Wall Energy Co., Ltd.

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ZLD unit for Sinopec Great Wall Energy Co., Ltd. has been successfully handover to the client dated on November 16th, 2015. The key technology, technical service and equipment are provided by Sunpower who play the role as EPC contractor.
This project is Sinopec ZLD demonstration project which is the first time to use domestic proprietary intellectual property rights. The process adopts the technology of mechanical compress falling film evaporation and flashing crystallization. This process with handleability, stability and flexibility is the optimum plan for plant tail end wastewater treatment. The raw water for this ZLD unit is the salty water from reduction unit. The TDS of the raw water is 45000mg/L with the wave range of 41000~49000mg/L. The capacity of evaporation unit and crystallization unit is 1080m3/d (45m3/h) and 12m3/h respectively. The raw water wave range is 70~110%,water recovery rate is larger than 93% and the TDS of distillate water is less than 50mg/L. The water content of solid products is less than 20%.
The commissioning of this ZLD unit has been completed by the end of November, 2015 and the unit start-up will be performed at the beginning of December, 2015.