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Startup of the Concentrated Brine Evaporation Unit in the Downstream of Shenhua Shanxi Methanol Plant succeeded

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The downstream processing project, i.e., the concentrated brine evaporation unit of Shenhua Shanxi methanol plant was started up successfully on Sept.4, 2015. With know-how, technical services and critical equipment supplied by Jiangsu Sunpower Technology Co., Ltd, this unit has been completed in form of EPCM mode.
This unit is a project in which independent intellectual property has been applied by Jiangsu Sunpower Technology Co., Ltd for the first time in China, and mechanical compression falling-film evaporation and flash distillation crystallization technologies are used to treat the RO concentrated liquid from salt-containing wastewater treatment unit and the regeneration waste liquid from ion-exchange resin bed, with treatment capacity being 60m³/h. The construction of this unit was commenced in March, 2014, and its mechanical completion was accomplished in May, 2015.