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Focus on Customer Needs, Paving the Way for Excellence——Shanghai SECCO Petrochemical Co., Ltd. issued a letter of thanks to our company

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On March 26, 2019, Ms. Qu Ruomei, Director of the Commercial Department of Shanghai SECCO Petrochemical Co., Ltd., and Mr. Yang Yongchen, Purchasing Manager, made a special trip to Sunpower Group to issue the Letter of Thanks to Jiangsu Sunpower Pressure Vessel Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd for successful and efficient completion of the design and manufacture of SECCO SAR unit 42E1702 heat exchanger. Ma Ming, vice chairman of Sunpower Group, Zhu Bingcheng, general manager of Jiangsu Sunpower Pressure Vessel Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Sun Chenyu, director of the project department, and Zhou Bin, sales manager of sales department, warmly received the SECCO guests.
Director Qu said that the 42E1702 heat exchanger is an important equipment in the Shanghai SECCO waste sulfuric acid recovery and utilization technical revamping project, which has an important impact on the environmental protection operation of the entire plant. It is a piece of equipment of great concern to Shanghai SECCO. In the manufacturing process of the equipment, the leaders of all levels of Sunpower Company attached great importance to it, and all departments actively cooperated to overcome the multiple difficulties of complicated equipment structure and high manufacturing difficulty. The equipment was successfully completed and delivered in advance, which provided guarantee for the successful completion of Shanghai SECCO's overhaul. SECCO expressed its sincere gratitude to Sunpower for its efforts in the supply of equipment and hoped that the two sides will continue to maintain in-depth and efficient cooperation.
Vice Chairman Ma Ming expressed warm welcome to Ms. Qu Ruomei and Mr. Yang Yongchen's special visit, and expressed gratitude to Shanghai SECCO for its high recognition of the work of Sunpower Pressure Vessel. Over the years, Sunpower Group has been adhering to the service concept of increasing production and energy saving for customers, and always puts customer needs first. The equipment designed for this time has high design temperature, large diameter, multiple diameter changes, thin wall, high horizontality of baffle, and difficulty in lifting and anti-deformation, assembly and pressure test. Our company has held many project planning meetings to take the problem into consideration in advance. We strictly control the design, procurement, manufacturing, inspection, transportation and other aspects, and finally produce equipment that is satisfactory to Shanghai SECCO and the supervisory inspectors.
When one drinks water, one must not forget where it comes from. Every step of the development of Sunpower is inseparable from the customer's attention, trust and support. In the future, Sunpower Group will continue to innovate and develop, provide customers with better products and services, deepen cooperation, mutual benefit and common development.

Letter of Thanks
Jiangsu Sunpower Pressure Vessel Manufacture Co., Ltd,
During the overhaul of Shanghai SECCO Petrochemical in 2018, the heat exchanger 42E1702 provided by your company for SECCO SAR Unit revamping project has been delivered on Oct 19th and the installation has been completed.
During the manufacture and delivery of the equipment, your company leaders gave great attention and support and all departments actively cooperate with SECCO to complete technical clarification and confirmation, to implement various inspection requirements, and to overcome multiple difficulties of limited capacity during safety inspection, re-procurement of material due to design change, tight manufacture schedule etc. The delivery was completed in advance, which provided guarantee to the successful completion of SECCO overhaul.
We sincerely thank your company for the effort on the supply of heat exchanger 42E1702 and hoped that both parties continue to maintain the efficient cooperation.
We wish your company’s business is booming and create more glory!
Shanghai SECCO Petrochemical Co., Ltd
Qu Ruomei, Director of the Commercial Department
Feb 12th, 2019