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Congratulations to the Pressure Vessel Company of Sunpower Group to Undertake the Core Set of Zirconium Equipment of the World's largest Amino Acid Project

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Recently, Jiangsu Sunpower Pressure Vessel Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Sunpower Group, successfully undertake the complete set of zirconium equipment of Shandong Xinhecheng Amino Acid Co., Ltd. MET project. This is another cooperation with Xinhecheng since the amino acid phase I zirconium equipment in 2015.
Shandong Xinhecheng Amino Acid Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zhejiang Xinhecheng Co., Ltd. It has completed construction and put into production of 150,000 tons/year of methionine, which is the leader of the global methionine market.
The signing of this contract fully reflects that the manufacturing strength of Sunpower in the non-ferrous metal industry and in the methionine industry has been highly recognized by customers. It also means that Sunpower has mastered the manufacturing technology of a complete set of amino acid core equipment and has become the benchmark enterprise for equipment manufacturing in the amino acid industry.