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Shandong Sunshine Engineering Design Institute of Sunpower Group Successfully Completed the 16th Pakistan International Oil, Gas and Power Energy Exhibition and Work Visit

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From May 7th to 18th, Mr. Feng Lijie, Vice President of Sunshine Institute of Sunpower Group, led the team to participate in the 16th Pakistan International Petroleum, and have conducted technical exchanges and provided technical advice to Natural Gas and Electric Energy Exhibition (POGEE), and with Olympia, Nishat Group, Islamabad HMC, The Sharif family, Lahore and other companies.
The POGEE exhibition covers a wide range of energy industries including electricity, oil and natural gas. It has been held once a year and has been successfully held for 15 sessions. It has received strong support from various departments of the Pakistani government and has been recognized by many people in the power and energy industries in Pakistan and South Asia. Driven by the strong development of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, there are more than 100 Chinese companies exhibiting this year. Sunshine Academy is the only professional electric design institute among the participating members.
During the exhibition, the Sunshine Institute team exchanged ideas with many Pakistani power industry professionals and conducted business negotiations with potential customers. In Pakistan's residential electricity market, Sunshine has completed the design and consultation of four power station projects with a total installed capacity of nearly 100MW. The owners of the four projects, Olympia Group, ICI Group, Hitara Group and Master Group, are all Pakistani large and powerful large-scale enterprises. Sunshine Institute has won the satisfaction of these customers with good service and quality, and established a good reputation in the local.
In the Pakistani civilian power market, the Olympia Group's self-supplied power station is the first coal-fired power station and a pioneer in the industry. Sunshine Institute is the designer of the power station and the first domestic company to carry out design business in the Pakistani civilian power market.
During the exhibition, Mr. Hasib, the president of Hitara Group, made a special trip from Faisalabad to the booth of the Sunshine Institute to express his gratitude to the Sunpower Group and the Sunshine Institute. For the completion and smooth operation of this power station, the leaders of the Sunshine Institute and all members of the project team have made tremendous efforts to set a benchmark in the local area. At the launching ceremony of the 40 MW power plant of the Hitara Group, the then Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif attended the ceremony and praised the power station as the fastest and most stable power station in the industry.
Mr. Hanev, Technical Director of Olympia Group, Mr. Imran, General Manager of the Master Group Power Plant, also personally led the team to visit the Sunshine Institute booth. The local media OBL TV station specially interviewed the Sunshine Institute and praised the Sunpower Group and the Sunshine Institute for contributing to the development of Pakistan's electricity. In communicating with local professionals and the media, President Feng repeatedly emphasized that the business development philosophy of Sunpower Group and Sunshine Institute in Pakistan is to go hand in hand with local enterprises, complement each other, achieve mutual benefit and win-win development, and create a comprehensive and high-quality Levels of business mutual cooperation, not purely competitive. This concept has won the recognition of Pakistan's local power companies, and they have invited President Feng to further exchanges and talks at their headquarters after the exhibition to discuss business cooperation.

Master Owner Visit to Exhibition

Work Deployment at Master Site

In addition, the Sunshine Institute team also arrived at the headquarters of Olympia Chemical Co., Ltd., and held a symposium on the design of the second phase of the power plant; arrived at the site of the Master project, inspected the site installation and construction progress, and the problem encountered in the field work was guided; exchange visits to the Nisat Group Chu Nian Power Plant, the Hitara Project and other on-site, exchanged opinions with the owners for some problems occurred in the operation of the employer, and proposed a design optimization program.

Technical clarification with field staff of Olympia owners

Inspection of the operation of the Hitara Power Plant

Communication with Descon

Communication with Kohinoor

This visit to Pakistan has greatly improved the visibility and influence of the Sunpower Group and the Sunshine Institute in the Pakistani electricity market, and has achieved the expected results. After coming back to China institute leaders immediately convened relevant personnel to hold a special meeting to put forward clear requirements and goals for Pakistan's market development and project management. We firmly believe that under the leadership of the group company, Sunpower Sunshine Institute will surely achieve better performance in the international power market.Exhibition SiteExhibition Site