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Indonesia Babibalu 2×50MW coal-fired power station project of Shandong Sunshine Engineering Design Institute under the Sunpower Group successfully connected to the grid

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In mid-May, the 2×50MW coal-fired power station project of the Indonesian Babibalu, of Sunshine Engineering Design Institute, a subsidiary of the Sunpower Group's, was successfully connected to the grid and officially entered the 168-hour full-load trial operation phase. The Babibalu project was contracted by China Gezhouba Group Co., Ltd. and the Indonesian PT PRABA INDOPERSADA consortium and designed by the Sunshine Engineering Design Institute of Shandong Province. The unit has excellent operational indicators, which indicates that the project has achieved important milestone. The construction has achieved major victory, which laid a solid foundation for the follow-up comprehensive handover work.

168 hours full load commissioning

Indonesia is an archipelago country, and there is no effective grid laying between the islands. Most of the islands are independently powered, and the local electricity consumption gap is large. Indonesia's BabiBalu 2×50MW coal-fired power station project is located in Yamaguchi City, northwestern Indonesia, in West Kalimantan. The construction of the project will effectively alleviate the current power shortage in West Kalimantan and create a large number of local jobs. Opportunities to improve the lives of local people and promote the development of Indonesian society.

Central control room of power station

The project is one of the benchmark projects in the numerous design projects implemented by Sunpower Sunshine Institute in Indonesia. The design concept, design quality and service level of our institute fully meet the needs of the Indonesian market and have been highly recognized by local customers. With the official entry of the project on June 5th for a full-load transfer period of 30 days, the rationality and reliability of the design of the Sunshine Institute were once again reflected. The strength of overseas large-scale unit survey and design was once again verified.168 hours full load commissioning168 hours full load commissioning168 hours full load commissioning