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Sunpower Group teamed up with Jining Mining Group to write another masterpiece of local clean energy industry

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On the morning of December 26th, the launching ceremony of the centralized steam supply project of Wenshang County Fine Chemicals Zone, which was established by Jining Mining & Sunpower Clean Energy Development Co., Ltd., which was jointly funded by Sunpower Group and Jin Mining Group, was held in Wenshang County Chemical Industry Park. Jining City State-owned Assets Committee Party Secretary, Director Xi Ming, Wenshang County Party Secretary Li Zhihong, Jining Mining Group Co., Ltd. General Manager, Zhang Guangyu, Jining Mine & Sunpower Clean Energy Development Co., Ltd. Chairman Zhang Mingkun, General Manager Shen Jiaxuan, etc. attended the start-up ceremony. The responsible comrades of County Development and Reform Bureau, Land and Resources Bureau, Housing and Construction Bureau, Planning Bureau, Environmental Protection Bureau, Finance Bureau, Supervision Bureau, Audit Bureau, Price Bureau, Safety Supervision Bureau, Quality Supervision Bureau, Water Resources Bureau, and the dispatching departments attended the meeting and went to the steam supply site to observe.

At the launching ceremony, Zhang Guangyu delivered a speech on behalf of the Jining Mining & Sunpower Joint Venture Company and shareholders. The general manager of Jining Mining & Sunpower Clean Energy Development Co., Ltd. Shen Jiaxuan accompanied the audience to observe the scene and gave a detailed introduction to the steam supply project.
With the resources and technical advantages of the two group companies of Sunpower Group and Jining Mining Group, the steam supply project uses two 150,000kw unit heat sources of Yangcheng Power Plant to supply steam to Wenshang Fine Chemical Industry Zone and invests in a new 15.4 km high-temperature steam supply pipe network. Pipe network project was undertaken by Jiangsu Sunpower Pipeline Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. The project adopts the Sunpower long-distance pipe network energy-saving technology integration program, giving full play to the advantages of cogeneration and centralized steam supply, replacing the dispersed natural gas boiler operation in the park, and providing 80 tons/hour of high standard industrial steam for the chemical park.
After the steam supply project is put into operation, it can reduce coal consumption by 40,000 tons per year, reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 100,000 tons, and reduce sulfur dioxide emissions by 300 tons per year. It will make outstanding contributions to the sustainable development and reduction of air pollution in Wenshang Chemical Industry Park.