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 Disadvantage of Small Coal-Fired Boilersx

Low capacity

Lowcoal quality

Combustion inefficiency

Produceenergy waste

No control of emission

High pollution emission


The preparation technology of closed cleanpulverized coal

Achieve DCS control, the entire process is as "no coal, no dust"

Clean and closed

Convenient transportation

Safe and controllable

Centralized distribution

Establishment of regional pulverized coal preparation center

Reduce the coal storage

The concentration of pulverized coal preparation

Closed transport

Reduce dust pollution

Realize clean utilization


Sunpower’s feature of efficient pulverized coal boiler system micro emission:

v Self denitrification in furnace of flue gas recirculation

v Double turbine desulfurization system

v Fabric filter and emulsion double dust elimination

v Boiler output is more than 89% efficiency with stable operation

v Environmental indicators: Micro emission or ultra-low emissions

Emission   Dust:<20mg/Nm3




Ultra-low emission technology of pulverized coal boiler:

Denitrification: The technology ofself denitrification in furnace andultra-low emission, including ultra-low nitrogen burners andself denitrification in furnace of flue gas recirculation,no need for a taildenitrificationdevice (SNCR and SCR), NOx emission can be controlled below the 150mg/Nm3;

Desulfurization: Double turbine desulfurization tower, the fly ash which is produced by combustion of pulverized coal is used as desulfurization agent, SO2 emissions can achieve 30mg / Nm3 below

Dust elimination:The technology of fabric filter and emulsion double dust elimination uses new glass or ceramic as material, smoke emission can reach 20mg/Nm3 below.

一、Pollution Reduction

Emission Type

National Emission Standard for coal-fired boiler

Regional Emission Standard for coal-fired boiler

National Emission Standard for Natural Gas

Emission Standard for State-Targeted Regions

SP Emission Capability






Less than 5mg/m³






Less than35mg/m³






Less than 50mg/m³

We are committed that each project is installed with three level online systems, and accept the environmental protection departments at all levels of real-time supervision.

二、Energy Saving

Coal saving:30%~50%

Occupied area reduction:50%~60%

Personnel reduction:40%~50%

Power saving:15%~20%

三、Economic Environmental Protection

Comprehensive cost of natural gas, which is more than 500 Yuan / tons of steam

"Sunpower Centralized Heating System”, which is 230 Yuan / tons of steam (according to the local market price adjustment)

Stack emission is reduced 89% above

SOxemission is reduced 94% above

NOxemission is reduced 48% above