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Most steam pipe network systems in our country has been running in the state of high energy consumption and low efficiency for many years. The serious waste is specified in running, popping, dripping, draining, temperature and pressure drop is too large, which affects normal industrial production.

Sunpower creates a systematic, long-term, and thermal insulation energy saving project for steam pipe network from network design, process improvement, pipeline nanometer materials, heat pre-insulated pipe support application, insulation structure optimization to thermal clamp design of special parts(valves, flanges and fittings), which ensures safe and reliable operation of enterprises in the network life cycle as well as the maximum return.


The first study of this technology (in the year of 1996): Pipe network design, heat pre-insulated pipe support, thermal insulation structure optimization, thermal insulation material selection, etc.

The low cost of optimal effect: The best material and the best structure;

The best heating effect: Large range, less heat loss and little pressure drop;

This combination is to ensure the pipe network safety and the insulation is in best performance. Increasing the heating radius to ensure steam quality.


Advantage—Medium Long Distance Transportation


Normal Design

Sunpower Long Distance Pipe Network Transmission

Temperature Drop



Pressure Difference



Transmission Radius



The heat loss is only 1/3 of normal design.


Technology Advantage

Professional Grade A qualification of petrochemical and pharmaceutical industry

A number of experts engaged in design of petrochemical industry for many years

A variety of engineering design and project management software

A professional thermal analysis and pipeline engineering team

Excellent Network Design Ability: To ensure safety and reliability of EPC pipe network project


Pro/ II工艺流程模拟软件








PD SOFT3D模型管道设计)



Ø Application of New Insulation Materials

The heat loss of the pipeline can be reduced to the maximum extent, and meets the high quality requirements of the end user towards heating.

Ø Heat Pre-insulated Pipe Support Patent

Heat loss can be reduced by 30%, which benefits for enterprise’s energy efficiency.

Ø Special Thermal Insulation Technology for Leaky Hot Spots

Convenient construction, easy maintenance, and heat loss is reduced.

Ø Insulation Structure Optimization

Significantly reduce the pipeline temperature drop per kilometer, the lowest pipe temperature is reduced to 4~5 degrees per kilometer (heat load 50% and above).

Ø Application of Compensation Technology

Reduce pressure drop to meet needs of the end customer.

Ø Coupling Simulation Analysis

Optimize the layout of entire piping system and process settings to meet the process requirements.

Ø Unique Damping Technology

Solve the vibration problem caused by two phase flow of gas and liquid, and provide security for the long-term operation of pipeline network.


SunPower uses composite nanometer insulation layer of high-tech, keeps heat preservation for pipe. Compared with the traditional thermal insulation, energy-saving is more than 30% as well as reduces the insulation thickness greatly, which is 30% thinner than traditional type of insulation thickness. Heat dissipation area is reduced, on the one hand reduces the overall heat loss, which saves a lot of energy; On the other hand, saves construction space, which reduces investment cost.


Insulation Project Material

Ø Hot Pre-insulated Pipe Support


Compressive strength

Thermal Conductivity


Mpa /815

W/m.k /350




425DN400 1km medium pressure steam pipeline energy saving each year Q=1500w/set X100 set/kmX8000 hour X0.8/kwh=960,000 Yuan !!!





Hot Pre-insulated Pipe Support Temperature Text Experiment:

Pipe internal heating temperature 440;

Pipe support base plate temperature 40.


Ø SANanometer Hot Insulation Material

Nanometer material is absorbent, the thermal conductivity at room temperature is less than or equal to 0.018w/m.k, and has excellent insulation performance with no deformation in low temperature condition.

Nanometer material is not deformed or burning after high temperature test, and can still maintain good compression and thermal insulation properties

Heat insulation performance is excellent that you can touch the unexposed surface.

Ø High-precision Spring Supports & Hangers

Ø Thermal Insulation Jacket

According to statistics, the annual heat loss of a DN100-150's bare valve is equivalent to calorific value of burning 1 ton of coal. Heat preservation and energy efficiency of the valve directly affects energy consumption and economic efficiency of the equipment. Our company uses the new heat preservation technology, which can be used repeatedly with good effect, convenient installation and maintenance.