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Since the first installation of Zero Liquid Discharge plant in China, Sunpower has been leading in engineering and construction of waste water evaporation and crystallization system in China. Highly integrated with various pretreatments, Sunpower evaporation and crystallization systems recover valuable salts and by-products, reuse/recycle valuable water resources, and reduce effluent volume to reach Zero Liquid Discharge.

Related Industries:

Petrochemical, Chemical, Coal Chemical, Power Plant, Paper Pulp, steel, oil sand, etc


ZLD Application Area

High salt wastewater of chemical, electric power, pharmaceutical, metallurgy and other industries, and the concentrated brine after the traditional membrane treatment process, this kind of water has been unable to carry out biochemical treatment with higher TDS, which affects the ecological environment.

Zero liquid discharge of salt wastewater (is referred to as ZLD) refers to the liquid effluent concentration through particular technology, and generates recycling water which can be reused, reduces wastewater emission to minimum as far as possible, and makes concentration of salt and impurity in the wastewater to the solid.


Technology Advantage

● Grade A Design Qualification of Chemical Engineering, Grade A Design Qualification of Environment Engineering Water Treatment;

● The joint team of both domestic and abroad integrates advanced technology, provides process package, engineering design, general contracting of EPC and other engineering services.

● Engineering design, equipment manufacturing and field service experience of first unit of high concentration salty water treatment(ZLD) in China;

● Our mature technology has been recognized by large-scale petrochemical enterprises, which has been successfully transferred multiple sets of high concentration salty water treatment process package.

● The independent development of low temperature energy utilization based on ZLD technology, which is the application of low temperature waste heat recycling technology in ZLD system.

● The independent development of impurity recycling system of salt, realize the true meaning of “zero” emissions;

● The large equipment manufacturing base and manufacturing capacity.


   Patent Technology

Our company has applied for aero emission related patents more than a dozen, among them which has been authorized 7 patents and one PCT international patent.

● Salty wastewater zero discharge recovery system (ZL201120332719.7)

●  Falling film evaporation system - a recovery of heavy oil produced water (ZL201220227597.X)

● Liquid distributor and falling film evaporator with liquid distributor (ZL201220222362.1)

● High salty concentration wastewater zero emission recycling method using heat - (ZL201110262295.6)

● Zero emission energy system based on low temperature liquid (ZL201220542462.2)

●Evaporator of heat transfer and fouling prevention with plug-in unit (ZL201220527305.4)

●New high salty liquid wastewater treatment system of zero emission (ZL201320317069.8)


Technical Support

Expert Team: World’s leading experts on evaporation crystallization process to provide technical solutions, technical and commissioning services with more than 30 years of high slat wastewater treatment experience.

Research &Development capability: Provide each customer a practical and feasible solution of high salty wastewater against different water quality through the ZLD pilot equipment.


Selective Salt Recovery Technology

● Based on crystallization phase diagram theory, combined with thermodynamics and process simulation software, and first developed selective salt recovery system (selective salt recovery, SSR) in the domestic.

● Determine process parameters through the small scale and pilot study, provide design basis for engineering application, complete coal oil E1 mixed salt quality test and basic design

● Recycle salt products to meet the national standard, which can be sold directly or use within plant, realize the true meaning of "zero" emissions and "salt resource use"


Zero emission system based on low temperature energy utilization (LTE-ZLD)

●LTE - low temperature heat, develop Sunpower heat transfer technology, seek device to utilize waste low-temperature heat source, use SunPower patented technology of effective heat transfer tube recovery to generate low pressure steam produced by low temperature heat, which can be used for evaporation. In this way, enterprises can realize energy saving, consumption and operating cost reducing.