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We specialized in flare gas and flare gas recovery system, solving complex problems for different customers. Sunpower design and install flare gas recovery system that can achieve near zero emission of normal flare gas, limiting emissions to only emergency releases. Flare gas can be cycled and then be reused as fuel or chemical materials. Flare gas recycle system makes profits from reducing emissions, which can quickly return on the environmental investment.

Related Industries:

Petrochemical, Coal Chemical, Natural Gas, Metallurgy, refinery , etc


Business Scope: 

Elevated Flare, Ground Flare, Open Type Ground Flare, Detachable Flare, Flare Gas Recovery

Professional Advantages:

Sunpower specializes in a series of industrial waste gas treatment, especially for the design, equipment fabrication and EPC contract service of flare gas combustion discharge and recovery system. Provide flare gas discharge system essential safety and HSE assessment; and provide reasonable and economic assessment; heat radiation, noise, cylinder diameter and pressure drop calculations via FLARESIM software; temperature/pressure in combustion area & burn out rate calculations and flare tip or molecular seal design via Fluent software; hydraulic balance, stress analysis and piping design via Caesar Ⅱand flare. NET software; take computer simulation and plant-specific experiment to ensure the essential safety of flare series products.

Sunpower has signed Enterprise Framework Agreement with SHELL, and officially became the sole supplier in Asia of torch project EFA.