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Quanjiao Sunpower Clean Energy Co., Ltd. is invested by Sunpower group, mainly engaged in thermal resources integration and implementation of centralized heating project, planning installed gross capacity of 160t / h efficient pulverized coal industrial boiler system.

The project proposes 4 units of 40T\h high efficiency pulverized coal boiler systems. According to current steam demand, using phased construction, which is 2 sets of 40t\h in the first phase. According to the park construction plan in the second phase, build 2 units of 40t\h to meet the steam demand of enterprises in the park, meanwhile supporting the construction of 16KM steam pipeline to meet the steam demand of enterprises in the park and surrounding area.

Quanjiao Development Zone Centralized Heating project uses high efficient pulverized coal industrial boiler, avoids the drawbacks of the traditional boiler. Thermal efficiency increases about 30% than traditional coal-fired boiler, emission reduction target reaches the natural gas standard. Based on the suspension combustion of pulverized coal, through effective coordination of the fan, supplemented by specialized desulfurization, denitrification technology, to achieve a modern energy-saving and clean combustion technology of low NOx combustion with low sulfur emissions, which is good for environmental protection. Furthermore, this technology has advantages of efficient energy, environmental emission, fast start and stop functions, simple and convenient operation, closed cleaning, low operating cost, and as well as in line with the national energy-saving emission reduction policy orientation.