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Address: No. 26 Road Xingwang, north side of provincial road 235, west part of Economic Development Zone, Lianshui country, Jiangsu province.

Our company intends to build the scale of 2*40t/h high efficient pulverized coal boiler and its auxiliary equipment, the boiler parameters is 3.82MPa, 450, which belongs to medium temperature and pressure boiler. 

Heat users are divided into two categories: one is nylon chemical fiber, higher pressure temperature demand enterprises like Ruizhan textile and Yuyuan textile, the other is the rest users.

After the project completion, it provides steam for more than 10 enterprises of chemical fiber, textile, pharmaceutical, food, tire, wood products and packaging in economic development zone, thereby completely replaces the low efficiency, high emission of small boilers of enterprises at present, which brings with good social, environmental and economic benefits.